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Importing Audi/VW's to Canada

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Hi Guys,

I've been a member over at for a while now (Though I'm admittedly more of an Audi A4/S4 fan, I started with a GTI). I shared the information and helped a few people over there so I thought I'd do the same here.

Well, last February I picked up my GTI from the USA. Mint condition, low kms, all the options I wanted and..... $7,000 less than the ones in my province/province beside me!

The price I negotiated it down to (from Texas) was $15,000! lol... Of course, of course there is duty/taxes etc. The final price though sitting in my driveway was around $19,000CAD (and I had them ship up brand new winters as well as the summer tires).

The process took a while though and was frustrating even when looking online for help. Many people have the problem of wanting to import a car from the USA but not knowing where to start. I decided to solve the problem..

I spent about 2 months making the "Easy Guide to Importing". Breaking down the steps in a one-by-one fashion. If you guys wanna check it out and tell me what you think that'd be much appreciated! Spread the word too if you know anyone who's been looking at doing it.


P.S. The Guide on the website is completely free! There is an option to buy the complete kit (more vid tutorials, tips, secrets, etc) but the guide is offered free to everyone.

Hope this helps anyone who's looking into it!
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I am importing a 2009 S5 into Canada and am wondering what modifications I will need to make and at what price.
I am importing a 2009 S5 into Canada and am wondering what modifications I will need to make and at what price.
The general requirements are day-time running lights and child anchor tethers. Since your vehicle is new, it should have these already. It's different for every vehicle, follow this step from Part 1: Finding Your Vehicle...

Call the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) at 1-888-848-8240 and find out if the vehicle you've chosen meets all requirements for being registered in Canada. They should tell you if there are any additional requirements as well.
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