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Hello Audi-Forums, I just wanted to say you guys have an awesome web site with a ton of really good information on it. It seems everyone really provides alot of help to the other members, I would like to do the same. It makes life a lot easier when you have a great group of people that have experience and are willing to help and share the information.

I work for a dealership that does a lot of business shipping cars from the USA to Canada. We have developed an application that makes it very easy to figure out the total cost to have a vehicle imported from the USA to Canada. Sometimes it can be a royal pain in the ass to figure out what the total cost is to import a car into CA from the USA. I have spent a great deal of research time developing this application for our customers to use as a great time saver in determining the total cost of ownership in Canada. The figures vary with the Make, Model, and where you actually live in Canada. We have preprogrammed in all of the Duties, Fees, Taxes, Ect. based on where you live and what kind of car you are bringing in. This cuts your research time down to seconds instead of hours. You can check out the "Canadian Cost Calculator" at this link.

Maximum 4 Minimum Motors - Canadian Vehicle Import Cost Calculator

I am providing you guys with this tool to be a time saver, and you can use it on any car you wish. We are not advertising any of our cars for sale and do not intend for this to be a commercial post, so if it is out of line please feel free to remove it. If it is posted in the wrong section again please feel free to place it where it may be usefull for all. At any rate feel free to use the Calculator as much as you wish, it saves a boatload of time trying to figure out the numbers.

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