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My 98R A3 has an intermittent problem on start up where the immobiliser warning lamp starts flashing and the engine starts but then cuts out after a couple of seconds. This has become very frequent recently. Any ideas what the cause of this may be?

There is also another problem which does not relate to the immobiliser but occurs intermittently either on start up or more often at junctions/signals just as I roll to a stop. The engine stalls and then won't start again for a while. It cranks over but doesn't start up fully. I can usually coax the engine to life by either waiting for a few minutes or by continuously cranking the engine with the throttle down until eventually it starts up. At this point, the revs are higher than normal with the rev counter fluctuating for a while before finally settling down to normal. Also, oil warning lamp comes on for a few seconds and there is the smell of burning oil for a while. I have checked the oil level on such occasions and it has always been OK. The oil is changed regularly as part of the annual service.

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