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Me. I'm the idiot of the month...

I have a 2009 A6 2.0 TDi.
Today, after 30 years of driving, and for the first time, I topped up with the wrong fuel. I added 16 litres of unleaded to the 54 litres of diesel already in the car.

I realised my mistake only after driving home (3 miles), and filing my receipt.
There was no indication from the car. I was only driving around 30 mph, as it's a residential area.

My tank now has approx 22% petrol. So, my questions:

(1) Pretend it never happened, drive slowly, and top up with diesel every 30 miles

(2) Get the tank drained, refill with diesel, and drive carefully until I have run through a couple of tanks

(3) Bite the bullet, take it to the dealer, and pay a fortune to have the tank drained, flushed, etc.

I've read a lot tonight on the internet - much of it contradictory!

Ideas, suggestions, abuse...all welcome! :eek:
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