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I need some new wheels i just got the car pictured below and i like how the wheels looked in this picture but they are hard to finde the name is Rial daytona race and i want rims with a lip nothing concave or just plain spoke rims preferably with two colors as in the picture dont belive chrome will fit my color and black is to plain cant se the depth i the rims i also need som spesefications that will fit my a4 i know 19x8.5 et 35 225/35r19 will fit good and the rims in the picture is Rial daytona race 2piece 8.5/9.5 ET30 with 225/35r18 picture number 2 is the rims i have now Japan Racing Jr 11 and they are spoke wheels no lip and low et and way to skinny 215/35r18 with no strech in picture number 3 is my black b5 with bbs Lemans replica wheels 19x8,5et35 225/35r19 but these are not 2piece and the clearkoat is ugly with defects like spiderwebs all over and i do not have the ability to paint them in two colors and i dont want chrome so i need some inspiration on what i can get would be nice with some brand new once that i dont have to give a arm and a leg for Thanks :)



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