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I Need To Change My Tt Clauch, Can U Help.. Plz

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well where i am from the Audi TT spareparts are really expensive, can anyone of you guys give me online directions, i would be greatfull if i can purchase the part from online stores, i am sure its cheeper... thanks alot
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Hi DJ Branx, welcome to the Audi-forum. It seems that we are neighbours and I know what you mean, spare parts out here are a heavy price. I can't help you specifically with an on-line source but I will look around. Perhaps one of our other members can help with a link.
I suggest that you do a search on Google or one of the other search-engines. I don't know what components of the clutch you are looking for but shipping across to the Gulf is not going to be cheap either.
I bought the new clutch and flywheel for my TT quattro 225 from

Good service, nice prisce and fast delivery..

The site is not avaible in english but they speak english so call them or send a mail..
Depends on wat parts of the clutch ur lookin 4!I have a 2004 A4 1.8 Red T quattro and da clutch went on it!It cost 1600 Euros 2 get a new pressure plate,Clutch and flywheel!It hasn't been the same since it was changed!Da clutch keeps vibrating wen u go 2 move of!It doesnt help wen u let ur 17yr old girlfriend drive it hard!I suppose she just does wat i do!It's a lot of money 4 a person of 17 2 have 2 pay 2 get ur car fixed but i dont mind cause Audi's have 2 b da best cars around!
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