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My name is Robert Haleluk, I own a Custom Shop in the United States. I have a custom Audi A4 the I've done an extensive amount of modifications to BUT I'm looking to take it to the next level. I've already done major magazines like Eurotuner, European Car magazine, and Performance Business Magazine. Well the point of this email is I need your help to take my show car to the next level. I'm doing a right hand drive conversion to the car. I need some parts from a dealership in the UK and was wondering if you can help me get my hands on some things to complete my project. I need things like a complete Audi A4 right hand drive dash board both top and bottom portion, right hand drive gauge cluster, right hand drive center console, and some other things. If you can help me and are willing to support my project please get back to me and let me know. I'm willing to pay for the shipping and everything. I can send you the list of every part that I would need if you are interested. Anyways I'll go into further detail once I know I've gained your interest. Please get back to me with any questions or comments you may have.
Heres some pics of the car...

Also I am on a timely schedule, so your speediness on the topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Robert Haleluk

DTC Designs
417 New Brunswick Ave
Fords, NJ 08863 USA
Phone: 732.738.7822
Fax: 732.738.7826
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