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I really do not know when how to start this but I will try to explain this in as much detail as I can.

2000 Audi TT
5 spd

I got this car for $1400 from a guy who owed me money.

1. Oil leak needs a crushed washer somewhere on the turbo. I talked with previous owner before the person i got it from.
2. Pass Front Wheel bearing
3. Needs all new vaccum lines and intercooler piping
a. the vaccum lines are not run where they are supposed to only boosts at
5 psi. [ car runs and drives, just not correctly ]
b. Intercooler piping has been cobbled on with some kind of saab
front mount intercooler and has PVC piping on the car.
c. When I got the car it it would fall flat on its face at 4500 rpms [ i fixed
that. It has some kind of home aid boost controller on it. Without
the screw in it, made of copper] I removed it and now it will go
past 4500 rpm's.
d. The SAI is not on the car.
e. All kinds of hoses are plugged off I am not sure where they go.

The car has a brand new K04-001 turbo on it and new MAF.

There is no one in my area that knows anything about these cars that I know of. I am hoping someone in this forum in Wisconsin has knowledge about this car. I am willing to pay for there time and any parts needed.

If I cannot find out how to fix this car I will part it out to get my money out of it.

I also have a full VIS racing body kit for the car that came with it and 17" OZ Ultraleggra rims ( black ) front is on the car now, because the idiot destroyed the stock front not paying attention to a deer.

here are some pics of my mess.

PicPaste - 2012-02-24_13.04.08-Vi99oiRQ.jpg
PicPaste - imagejpeg952_4-IMdJl2ej.jpg
PicPaste - IMAG0257-xLf2SaHA.jpg
PicPaste - IMAG0104-uAXspWks.jpg

if you look at this pic carefully you will see PVC piping to the intercooler. OMG!!!!!!!
PicPaste - IMAG0252-EBEOePUt.jpg

Well that is my mess...

thanks and look forward to your replys..

NOTE: I bought this car like this
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