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I purchased a 2013 A6 sedan last Friday. It is a Premium Plus 2.OT Quattro with 20” tires. The exterior is Quartz Gray Metallic. The interior, black leather with ash wood paneling.

The engine I chose is the same engine as in my 2012 Audi Avant, 2.0T rather than the 3.0. The difference in weights between the Avant at 3,814 lbs and the A6 at 3,891 lbs is a mere 77 lbs.

The avant had excellent acceleration up to 60mph from a dead start and leaped from 60mph to 85mph in a blink of an eye. From that point onward, that engine could reach any speed I wanted to attain without any difficulty.

Thus, with this engine in the A6, I have enough power to enter freeways in safety and pass vehicles on the highway quickly without effort.

The savings in cost by opting for the 2.0T is substantial. Thus, it was a win win in my opinion.

This A6 is the fifth Audi I have owned:
1975 100 GL
1982 Quattro
1985 Sports Quattro S1
2012 A4 Avant
2013 A6 Sedan
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