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Ive searched through as many pages as i can tolerate without getting a single answer, I'm buying an 88 Audi 90 Quattro and I cant find any information about piggy back tuners.
Do you guys just not use them? When I was driving nissan we had the VAFC and Greddy, or for standalone we had AEM(if you wanted to spend 2 months building a map and rewiring the car). I Still have my Greddy Ultimate and was trying to find some information about whether or not i can use it.

Id even be happy with a standalone chip that at least I can tune.

Thanks for any informational links or opinions!

Sorry for any blasphemous errors on my part using my Japanese equipment for my german car haha. Also, This is not my first rodeo, I managed to tune a built 3.3L maxima engine, and even my dads mazda6 for ****sngiggles, just never a boosted car, and i know if i lean out on boost it will end terrible fast, im just trying to do this right.
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