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how to - replace an Avant rear wiper motor

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It seems to be a common problem on B7 Avants that the design of the rear wiper motor lends it self to failing. Mine decided to fail and upon checking it, I found that it had seemingly been leaking washer fluid into and around the wiper motor which played havoc with it resulting in its failure.

Seeing as its a common fault I decided to do a little how to guide whilst doing mine as its a very simple job to do and you could save yourself a few £ by doing it yourself rather than paying a dealer. The part cost me £80plus the vat.

tools required:

13mm socket
10mm socket, or 10mm spanner
philips screwdriver
T15 torx bit

First job is to remove the wiper itself
pull off the plastic housing, the jets usually come off with this, mine did.

remove the 13mm nut from the wiper spindle

then remove the wiper arm - I just flexed it a bit with the wiper arm is the raised position and it came off very easily

now to the inside.

lift the tailgate, and open the warning triangle compartment and remove the triangle. There are two T15 torx bolts in there - undo these. In the picture you can see the hole in the top right of the picture.

In the handgrab holes on either side there are two more screws to remove - for some reason these were Philips on mine and not Torx like the centre ones.

You can now pull the trim downwards - there are some clips to overcome to expect to use some force. Pull it down enough so that you can get your hand in.

With them trim down you can now see the wiper motor. You can see on mine how its been leaking and this has gone all over the motor and the multiplug connector.

remove the multiplug connector by pulling it.

then remove the washer feed pipe, by pulling that

Next undo the 3 10mm bolts that hold the motor on - use either an open ended spanner or 10mm socket (easier)

You can then withdraw the motor - I pushed on the spindle to loosen it first

Its a little fiddly to get out but it does come out ok!

so, heres the offending article - you can see the damage to it, OO'er

new and old parts

In true Haynes style the fitting of the new one is the opposite to removal!
new motor going in

bolt it up ,and fit the multiplug and push on hard the washer hose.

I then operated it before putting the wiper on to allow the spindle to stop in the parked position , as I didnt want to be misaligned and scratch the tailgate.

put the washer jets back on - I cleaned them out with a needle first.

Then put the interior trim back in - I put some larger washers onto the Torx screws as it seems like then had pulled through the trim.

And hey presto it all works!

Hope you find this useful.
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Thanks for this excellent step by step guide david .Im sure it will become most usefull to our members so i will make it a sticky thread ...

Cheers T-sport
New to forum, but was astonished with the information you guys have on here, would the above fix working for my S4 avant 2003, it is just stuck in the middle of the rear window
awesome tutorial

Thanks DavidLandy Audi quoted me £228 to fix this! It's an excellent tutorial and will attempt this at the weekend if my part arrives. My rear wiper has just stopped working now, but randomly went off the other night. I note the washer fluid isn't even coming out of the nozzles...
Follow up post fitting

Ok I read your instructions and promptly went down to B&Q to buy my first socket set for a whole £9 which included the torx and philips bits and 15 sockets plus other gubbins. I followed your instructions precisely and it's all done!

As you can gather I'm not a person who works on cars but I was damned if I was going to pay Audi £130 to do this. The part for me was £102 as Audi havn't released this to general market yet (as 2 independent traders told me) and it's just not worth getting one from a breakers. In fact a used one was £80, what's the point of that when a new one is £20 more?

Anyho, the only small addition I'd make to the instructions having gone through them is in picture 7 pull/remove the cable to the boot/tailgate light and pull the trim completely off. The retaining clips may ping off but it's easy tp reinsert them again. It stops you ripping your knuckles to shreds undoing the 3 motor bolts. BUT DON'T unplug the boot lock multiplug - as I did - and then prompty shut the boot for a cup of tea. doh.

Curiously, I actually opened up my failed motor and the problem was corrosion (green copper oxide) I cleaned it up and almost got it working again, but there's a small circuit board in there (why on earth do you need chips in a motor?) and I suspect it was shorting.

Thanks again.
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Great help! Mine broke so I had to replace it and I had no idea how to remove it lol. Thanks man! Really appreciate it.
I had this problem on my 2006 Audi B7 and replaced my motor and then bought an Audi A4 2010 B8 and had exactly the same problem. Why do Audi stupidly run the small delivery water hose over the circuit board in the motor. Eventually it leaks and here we are again... Fortunately this Audi was under warranty so just got them to sort it out this time.
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