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Hi Guy's
I thought I would post this because a while back I replaced the front and back seat's in my A4 1997 1.8 TQ.
I replaced my suede grey seat's with Black Leather sport's seats.
Man it was so easy with the help of my friend Troy.

Back Seat's

1/ Start by taking out the Back seat's. First lift your back seat base up and forward. It should lift straight out no bolts or screw's there.
Next, this step is much harder, there are 2 star screws on each side at the bottom of the back seat. Unscrew them first. Now take out the head rest's pull them all the way to the top. Do this very slowly. Take them out if they are hard to take all the way out , on the window side of each head rest there is a clip at the base of the head rest two bar's. pull that out and they will come straight out.
Next after both head rest's are out there are 4 plugs where the head rests slide into it is very important to take your time here. You have to remove these plugs because they keep your seat in. The 2 plugs closest to the window's first remove there caps. To do this use a flat headed scew driver and carefully prier the cap off slowly half way because there is a sliding clip on the outer of the caps that have spring's in them. as you are taking them off slowly the clip will lift off and slide out the clip. repeat this on the other side first. Now Take a large flat headed scew driver and put it under the plug and lift it straight up. The plugs are about 3 inches long. Repeat this on the other window plug. Now the inner plugs have a cer clip that you have to pull half way out . To do this take a small pointy screw driver and pull the clip towards the back window and almost out. Next take the Big flat head screw driver and repeat the same lifting Technique that you used with the other 2 plugs and lift them out slowly.
Now you can carefully lift your back seat up and out. You will have to use your palms and hit up on the back seat afew times to loosen it up. and out she comes.

Now for the front seat's

1/ Slide the seats all the way forward and remove the guard's at the back of the seat tracks located at the back of the seat's.
To do this there is a plastic plug that covers the screw, remove the plug.
Now take out the screw with a phillip's head small screw driver, take the Guard off.
Next slide the seat right back under the seat there is a pin holding in the seat, Remove the metal cerclip that hold the pin in and pull out the pin by sliding it out of the bottom of the seat and now the seat can slide out of the track's and out of the car Repeat this with the other side and make sure that you unplug the seat sensor plugs under the seat before you lift the seats out.

I found the front seat's so easy to do. Just take your time and you will be fine.
I would like to that my friend Troy who helped me.

I really hope this can help some one.
Best wishes
Addam smith
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