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I just bought a new a6 2.7T from 2001.
Looks great, works great but I just have one key (4 button fob).

So I am about to buy a used key on ebay (I do not feel like paying the stealer 150$ for a key and 140$ for programming it...).

So the plan is:
- to get 1 or 2 uncut keys from ebay get them cut (yet to be defined where this can be done)
- If I can program them myself then that is all good otherwise I will ask the stealer to do it :(

I have not found any place on the web that consolidate all that information so far. The only thing I can glance from what I have read so far is the following:

There are at least 3 versions of immobilizers and you can get some indication of which one is on your car from the key

immobilizer I
--> key blade marked with a "W" and an "F".
immovilizer II from week 27/99 to ?
--> key blade marked with a "W"
immobilizer III from week 18/00 to ?
--> key blade marked with a "W"

Does anybody knows how you can tell if you have one or the other ?

The other thing is that you need to match the fcc id to the one from your existing remote.

Mine looks like that:

fcc id# MZ241081963 <-- You need to match this one ?
CANADA:2674 102 665 VDO
4DO.837.231E <-- And this one ?

Do you really need to match those 2 ?
What about the other 2 ?
if 05/01 is the production date does it gives you a hint on the immobilizer used in your car ?
Will a fib released in 11/00 work with your car ?

The other thing is a lot of people have reported being able to program their fob themselves. But apparently some a6 model 2001 and up require dealer re-programming ?

Does anybody have any word of advice on this subject or experience to share ?

-- oc

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Here is more info I have gathered.

What seams to actually matter is the part number
4D0.837.231 is the part number
The "E" is the version or revision of the given part.

People have reported that older version might work with newer immobilizer but not the opposite.
The best thing is to match it exactly I think.

Here are more usefull links I foudn in my quest ;-)

Remote FOB Key blade change instructions

Remote FOB Key Programming Instructions

Audi parts 101... lesson 1

It still does not tell me if I can program it myself or not :(
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