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Hit and run on my Audi TT!!! :(

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OK, so here is what happened:<br>

My 2000 Audi TT was parked outside my apartment last monday night when a stupid jerk crashed it on the side hitting the side fender (top of the passenger wheel), door, rearview mirror and the lower rocker cover (the part that runs along the door at the bottom).

There were 4 eye witnesses as this occurred around 9pm, I was lucky enough that the police run the license plates on this car 10min before (but they didn't pull him over!) so THEY CAUGHT THE S.O.B. that did this! I DO NOT have collision coverage so most likely this guy will go to jail and I will have to wait for several weeks before I settle anything with his insurance company.
The detective said that I should cover this on my own since this could take MONTHS and I can just get reimbursed later, which sucks.

There is a nice eBay vendor (audittparts) that will sell me all these parts from Canada, all four in silver color for $750 including shipping.
I don't know if there's any suspension/frame damage since the steering wheel and ignition switch got locked up, I removed the battery terminal last night hoping that today the engine will turn on, the engine compartment or hood got no visual damage but I still need to take it to a body shop, get an estimate $$$$$ and see what the actual damage was.

Any suggestions on what to do? I'll get the police report this monday (June 21st) and probably the culprit will be in it, I read that I could probably go to the Texas Public Department of Public Safety and help me pull out his insurance information with the police report.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Location: North San Antonio, Texas.

here are the pics again:

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hit and run

the guy in canada is pretty nice be sure to KNOW THAT YOU WILL GET A CUSTOMS BILL 3 WEEKS LATER; AND ON $750.00 IT WILL COST YOU AROUND
$45.00 and does that include shipping??? as he is generally high on shipping.

there is also a guy who salvages VIPERS out of St. Louis, MO He also has lots of used TT parts.

Your hood looks damaged from your pictures. The item you are trying to say is a side skirt it runs under the door to F-wheel to R-wheel.

Once you get an est. post it or email it to me.

Now you should have received his insurance information from the police or at least you can get the accident report from the police for the accident.

Contact his insurance company and do not tell them you do not have your own coverage (unless he has no coverage duh! on my part) and say you

want to know if he has rental coverage while your car is being fixed and that you can fax/mail/e-mail the cost to fix you car............

they my ask if they can use aftermarket parts they may not but let them know that you want all OEM parts to be used.....

be prepared if they say they want to total it. as I see it you need door,fender, hood, wheel, side skirt, mirror, paint maybe tire, ++++

good luck do not let the insurance company know anything about your insurance company not even who you go through. PERIOD.

Your handling this they do not need to know.

good luck..... less said is more better..... :)
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