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Hey guys

I’ve been admiring the S4 wagon for a long time and finally feel like I can dip my toe in the water without spending a TON of money

Found (about 250miles from me) a 2004 S4 wagon and wanted to get your thoughts/opinions.

Mileage 166,000
Price: $5800.00

I’m obviously concerned about the mileage. But I know these cars IF maintained can reach double that mileage and didn’t know if you guys had some opinions.

From the dealer photos the body looks immaculate which means something. But not everything.

I’m having a hard time pitching this to my wife also because she is concerned about finances. Which I am not. At. All.
Current ride is HER hand me down 2006 Nissan Altima with 155k. So I would be switching off between the two or at least to plan for that initially.

I got rid of my 2013 Wrangler Unlimited so she could get a new mom van (she didn’t want for us to have a mortgage AND 2 car payments) I figure a car wth high mileage would be paid outright so I would avoid all that.

Please help with insight into the maintenance issues or concerns, if I’m just pushing this because I know that these don’t come around often or just desperate for a nice car that goes Zoom Zoom abd what to ask the dealership if this conversation leads me in that direction. No the car is not at an Audi dealership.

Thanks again, and sorry for such a long post.
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