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hi all,

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying their cars!!

I have been the proud owner of a '94 80 TDi SE for the past five years, and had no problems other than steering/suspension bushes falling to bits, due to me lowering the car. I wouldn't want to part with the car, as I have done nearly 80,000 miles without a hitch, and still enjoy driving it - can have a surprising amount of fun in it for a diesel, too!

Now she seems to be very unwell indeed, smoking due to a split turbo hose (easily fixed) but I noticed today the engine sounded a bit rough. Checked the oil, and it was down slightly but not excessively - however it was looking very.... gloopy is probably the best word. Checked the header tank, and found it to be full of very thick, syrupy oil. Not good.

I thought head gasket, but the car starts and runs fine, and has no temperature problems.

Any ideas?
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