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Hi Audi Lovers!!

I have been driving my AUDI TT 1.8T for the past 1 year and frankly speaking its been an amazing year. I am really impressed by the TT in every aspect of the car. Even today if i go on for a drive my TT catches the eye of the general public. Hats off to the Audi engineers for the beauty they have created in the TT.

But sadly I am parting with my TT.....I am a married man now :wub: and I think I will need more space in my car and hence I am going for the bigger Audi A4 now.
I getting myself a second hand A4 1.9TDi SE 2002 Silver which has just done 25K miles.

I hope to have a great experience with the A4 as well :57: . I will surely be putting in my comments about the car once I drive it for a while.

Bye for now


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