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how's everyone doing? new to the forum, so this would be my self proclaimed autobiography, or a brief touching upon my past life history. well, it all started many years ago. i can remember.........ummmm, yes, way back in my younger days.......lolololololololol j/k. my brother was fortunate to purchase a 99 audi a4 quattro, and i've allways been more of an auto buff than him. (he's more sports oriented). i've yet to purchase a service manual for the car, and since i'll be doing most or the maintenance on the car, i thought it a good idea to register with a few audi forums. yes, i've allways been more of an M-powered individual, but i must say that VW/Audis hold a close 2nd place in my heart. not to mention that i'm a lover of all automobiles (well, almost all). i know i'll learn a great deal, and hope to help whenever i can. thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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