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Hello there. I am new to the forum, and I think is a great idea to join up , and share info with other Audi owners about their views and discussions , and any problems that arise. I have just recently bought the 1998 Audi A6 2.5 TDI 5 dr, and am very pleased with its performance, and economy of over 40 mpg. The 6th gear really is useful.
I unfortunately have just encountered a problem, and this being that I have lost Dip beam control to the headlights. Side lights and full beam work , but nothing on dip beam. There is no power to the connections of the bulbs.
I have checked the fuses in the fuse box,( that is located at the end of the dash board , drivers RH side) and also both bulbs,( standard bulbs not the xenon type) and these are ok.
Could it be the relay, if so , where is it situated.
I hope its not the dip / full beam light stalk on the side of the steering wheel, do these give problems?
I am also going to check the actual rotorary light switch under neath the dash board, but my first port of call is the RELAY. WHERE IS IT LOCATED?
Can any one advise me please. Many thanks Paul
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