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Hello there - i`m tryin to work out whats happening to my car and this looks like a good place to start.

I`ve got a T reg (1999) A4 1.8 SE.

First of all, the rev counter dropped to zero. Then the big red oil warning light came on - but i could carry on driving fine no power drop. I checked my oil and it was fine.

Also, about once a month, when i`m accelerating hard (eg. slip road motorway) - the engine completely cuts out and the ECS light comes on. After a death-defying weave through traffic onto the hard shoulder, i turn the ignition off and on and the cars fine again.

Plus, the car thinks its -12 degrees outside now.

Has anyone had any experiences like this or know what`s wrong??

Any advice very much appreciated :thumbsup:


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Be careful the big red oil can is a indication of low oil pressure not low oil level.

Might be worth getting the car in to audi to run through vag com for faults.

The red oil can came on while i was driving my car and i thought it was low on oil but it was pressure and i nearly seized my engine.

As for the rest of your electrical gremlins again see if audi can diagnose the fault .
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