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Originally posted by patricia@Dec 21 2004, 01:15 AM
is making noise, clunking etc under right wheel , is where sound appears to come from and now steering seems very loose, any suggestions as what to look for? Thanks Patricia
hi again, should add, I spent $8,000 on repairs about a year ago, new cv, shock absorbers, engine mounts and various other bits and pieces. noticed the right cv boot had come loose a few weeks ago and put back on, car vibrates a bit. Thanks Trish

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I must know more about the noice, more when turning or......
have pulled/pushed front wheel - something loose..............
driveshaft is first thing flashes my mind - then you should hear a
hammering sound while turning.
My son in law drew my car with loose whellbolts - felt steering a bit loose
and heared some noice and then suddenly in a speed of 120 kmph
he lost frontwheel - he - his family and my car - all undamaged
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