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Just took delivery of my A6 avant s-line yesterday, and thought I better stop lurking around your forum.

I started on MKII golf gti;s when I was younger, and have had a thing for German built car ever since, however, after flirtations with a Jeep Cherokee (awful!) and my last car a Volvo V70r (great car!) I finally went for a new A6, and even after a day, I am stunned at how good the car is. Test drove the BMW 530d, an the Jag X-type, but the Audi IMHO is the best for the money.
My only gripe is after feeling how good the disel engine and the ride is, I am wishing I could afford the fuel bills and try one of their petrol engines.

Anyhow, I;ll be asking loads of noob questions, so bear with me.

p.s I got the car in Dytona Pearl, and i think its most Sexualllll!:)
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