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Im Steve,known as catgroom,as Im a fully qualified professional catgroomer show/domestic!For real!!!!:)

I currently have one of 15 Volvo 480 Turbo Autos in the UK,its great but lacks the build and panache of my integrale/Thema Turbos past/stolen 944,sniff!!!!!

So Im fresh from the zones that are and being 36 drove many 100/200 Turbos (breathtaking!) in the trade.Im a qualified Renault technician but lots changed since the late '80s so Im after an A6 (maybe-ish!!),preferably a 200 T/T Quattro or a 100/Avant CD or Turbo.

A coupe to swap for my Turbo would be good.Its no ordinary 480 Turbo.It looks very subtly uprated with only a Bilstein/Fintec -25mm drop now,but a Rich Pruen (480 Club) 170 BHP (135 at wheels) Fuel/Boost ECU re-prg/resistor change.

Im very active in the other forum and would like to change soon as do a hearty 1000 miles a week and love it-so the cars gotta be a good un!

Hope yer all enjoying yer 4 circles of pure pleasure.

Had VW,had Porsche,now its Audi time!!!!

Speak soon everyone!

Steve (Groomus!)

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