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Hi all, thought I'd better start by introducing myself as this is my first post here. :beer:

So, I'm Dan, live in Poole, and I recently switched from an Alfa 156 V6 to my A3 1.8T Sport, a decision which left me with mixed emotions. The Alfa had a glorious exhaust note and went like stink, but I got rather disillusioned with it after the 6-speed 'box broke. It cost me £1,500 to replace it with a reconditioned one, so that was the end of the affair for me. It also had a drinking problem - 17mpg around town!

But the Audi is a lot of fun to drive too. Where the Alfa was very wallowy around corners, the A3 feels really taut and grippy. And I get 27-28mpg around town, which is saving me a fortune in rip-off UK fuel.

I have a couple of questions though - the first is an annoying intermittent flat spot, happens for example when I drop it down into second at 20-30mph, but only put my foot down very lightly to maintain the same speed. Sometimes there's a little jolt, as if it's misfiring. I've already had new plugs, MAF and coils, but it's still there. It did seem a little better for a couple of weeks with the new coils, but it might just have been my imagination. If anyone can suggest what else it might be, I'd be grateful as it's driving me nuts.

Also, the drop in power from 190bhp (in the Alfa) to 150bhp is pretty noticeable, even though the Audi is much lighter. I see that Superchips can increase it up to 180bhp, but they charge about £500, which seems extortionate. Does anyone know a company in south of england which do a remap for a more sensible price?

cheers :)

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