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Hi All

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Hi All,
I'm Dadogs and I'm ADDICTED to Audi
I am hoping to find a place where people don't get bored talking Audi all day and by the look of this site I think I've found it.
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Welcome :) . Tell everyone about
Originally posted by admin@Oct 21 2004, 12:34 AM
Welcome :) . Tell everyone about
oh I will don't worry
i'll try to get the dealers in Dublin to put your link onto thier websites
Thx :) . I just created Audi 80/90 forum. Enjoy!
Originally posted by admin@Oct 22 2004, 02:27 AM
Thx :) . I just created Audi 80/90 forum. Enjoy!
TI'm glad the audi 80/90 forum has been created as the other model forum had a ring of second class citizen to it .I don't seem to have had any luck getting a response about replacing my rear plastic window .But if it's any help to anyone I find an audi website for cabriolet's
There is a fanatastic section which covers technical problems.given that cabriolet's are not that much different from the models they are based on it might be of help to a lot of members.The problem is the text is all in german but there are step by step photos for solving many common problems.
I have asked the franchise holder in Ireland to translate the window replacement process for me,which will also provide information to the service network in ireland.
I'd like to spend more time on the site but my work internet connection has been terminated so i have to wait for a spare moment at home .
The franchise holder may be interested in offering your website to strenghten customer relations ,i will ask when I phone them on Monday.
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