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hey thee guys and gals...

i found a mint audi a4 2.6 V6 car... proper mint...

its a 1996 p reg model, and done 89k miles. It is an automatic... selling for 3grands

would it be a mistake to buy this car??? im a student but got money burning in my pockets... wot do i do?? buy it???

HELP :460:

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:00000732: bud
The 2.6 is a nice car but 2.8 is better which was changed to about the same year.
Is it the se or quattro model your looking at? fsh?
The automatic boxes are not as good as the manuals and it will be thirsty.My dad had a 2.8 quattro on a p plate and it drank it(about 15-20mpg)
If i was you i would spend £3000 on a 1.8 turbo which can be tweeked nice but go for one with a manual box.
Have a look on ebay there are loads for that kind of money
check this one out and its a manual .
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