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Ok folks,
Sorry if you've heard it before but here goes...
Took a punt buying a 95 80 cab (2.0). It wasnt going, the guy said it ran out of fuel, so he rolled it down the hill onto his drive where it sat for 5 months without budging.
Trailered it home. It's got fresh petrol, the pump primes, fuel getting to rail.
The car really REALLY wants to start but refuses. You even get a second or two shudder when you stop turning over.
This is with jump leads.
With the leads, the meter reads about 13 volts, and about 8 when you're turning the engine.
Any bright ideas?
One thing I've noticed is the dash lights go out when the engine is turning.
Also, I've no reason to believe the guy I bought it from wasnt being honest, he was selling as a non runner after all.
Any thought gratefully received, and thankyou in advance!
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