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Help With Knock Noise

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Hi everyone, I have an issue that’s driving me mad and I’ve seen a few different mechanics and no one seems to have an answer so I’m hoping someone else may have had the same experience.

My Vehicle:
Audi TT
Petrol Coupe
2.0l TFSI
Front Wheel Drive
30,000k Miles
Full Audi History

The problem I’m having is in the lower gears, when I touch the accelerator I get a single knock and sometimes when I release the accelerator I get the same single knock. It’s definitely worse and more audible when there is more load going through the car. In 4th and 5th I can’t hear it at all but this maybe due to road noise.

There are some variables, if I take the revs to 3000 and fully release the throttle and then change gear it doesn’t always happen.

So far I’ve replaced both drive shafts and front swing rods. The main engine mount has been checked and is fine, I’ve had the brakes and suspension checked and again all fine. All of the underneath of the car has been checked for anything loose and also loose bolts etc and nothing has been found.

The knock does sound likes it’s coming from the driver side which is why the initial thoughts went towards the drive shaft.

I’ve read it could be the rear engine mounts but again these were checked and are supposedly fine. The car is low mileage and has been very well looked after but it’s still ten years old so things do deteriorate.

I have no problem changing gear and the clutch feels fine, no lagging etc. The noise happens with the clutch fully up and I can roll along at 20mph and tap the accelerator repeatedly and almost everytime get the knock. It doesn’t happen in Neutral.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
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Howdy! Curious if you ever found the source of the knock noise. My friend will check this 2016 Audi TT and also has an intermittent knocking noise when going to stop. Got to finish installing the bed cover and headache racks on the truck before we can take a look at it. 50K miles so it might have something to do with the brakes or suspension.
Hi yes! It was the passenger side engine mount! Even though they tried to test the mounts themselves they showed no signs of movement. I said change them anyway and then that was what it was in the end, instant fix.
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Great for you! That would be in our list to check.
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