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i have 2011 Audi A8 D4 4.2
and I have done full facelift conversation
everything is working fine low beam high beam DRL
except I have DTC on dash
can somehow help me with getting rid of it

here is a full scan done via Carista and the fault codes

ECU info obtained with Carista 501099 for iOS:



Part #: 4H0907560B

Component: 4.2l V8/4V

Coding: 01060003290F0168 (hex)

Fault codes:

07144 Manufacturer-specific code


Part #: 4H1927158AD

Component: 0BK 42 FSIRdW

Heater & air conditioning

Part #: 4H0820043C

Component: Klima 4 Zonen

Coding: 4801227888 (hex)

Fault codes:

00291 Pressure Switch (F116) / Fluid Level Warning Switch (F117)

00314 EGR Two Way Valve (N161)

Central electronics

Part #: 4H0907063GK

Component: BCM1 2.0

Coding: 52EBF2FD504581E19982D084A0005F00009EC3082608410180 0000166111170001000000090000 (hex)

Fault codes:

01496 Bulb for Fog-Lamps, Left (L22)

01500 Bulb for Fog-Lamps, Right (L23)

03455 Function Limitation because wrong data received

01495 Bulb for High-Beams, Left (M30)

01499 Bulb for High-Beams, Right (M32)

02745 Left daytime running light (DRL) lamp

02746 Right daytime running light (DRL) lamp

CAN network gateway

Part #: 4H0907468AE

Component: J533--Gateway

Coding: 00E5074800 (hex)

Fault codes:

00272 Function disconnection by electromagnetic disturbances

Headlight aiming

Part #: 4H4907357E

Component: MxB-ECU

Coding: 02B602102A200200 (hex)

Fault codes:

5334529 Manufacturer-specific code

Infotainment system

Part #: 4H0035754T

Component: H-BN-RW

Coding: 020400000301F1EF47108F0E00000003FC0001000000000000 (hex)

Fault codes:

03276 Testing Management Software version

03175 Invalid Dataset
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