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Hey everyone, I’m new to this so please bear with me. I have a 2017 S6, nothing besides APR stage 1 & DSG tune. After tune was installed, if I would stay on the throttle and Tach out the gear I’d sporadically get EPC light, no CEL. Little loss of power. After say about 60 miles EPC would go off. There is a noticeable “Flutter” through the gear under load. Then there are times it seems like it wants to be a missile… EPC light was on due to Underboost. No leaks in piping, Live Stream Diverter Valves operating fine. I’m taking a shot in the dark, (just over 60K) I have a failed Waste Gate / Turbo. Are there any other items that would cause this condition? Also if Turbo is condemned can I upgrade with the RS6 or S7 Turbo Without doing a down pipe an intercooler just yet? Any direction is definitely appreciated all… Also found vehicle is calling for 18 PSI, only Getting 8PSI
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