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Help please. Won't crank A4 B8 Quattro Avante 6Sp UK RHD '09

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Help please. New member, first post.

A4 B8 Quattro Avante 2.0 TDI 6Sp manual 170HP engine UK RHD '09 won't turn over.
Battery was on last legs. Whilst the dash lit up, it wouldn't turn over when I pressed the key in. So had a new battery fitted today but was told as I don't have stop/start it didn't need to be coded. Is that correct?

I have tried another ignition switch after it suddenly started on the 10th push on the key on the original one and it was giving the ignition switch warning.

Checked all the fuses on the drivers (RHS) of the dash as well as the fuses in front of the windscreen in the engine dept.
Tried swapping the 4 X 404 relays about in pairs. Tested all seven relays in the pic attached and they all click when +12v is applied though I haven't measured the resistance between the relay points.

The steering lock solenoid releases.

Am confident the starter and main solenoid are not the issue but would like to know which pin on which underbonnet relay would activate the starter solenoid so I can test it before deciding whether on not to take the starter off the car?
I thought there was a switch on the clutch pedal but have also read it's built into the clutch master cylinder. Can anyone please clarify?
I would like to test the solenoid before removing the starter which looks like it requires major surgery to get it out. Do Audi start with the starter then build the rest of the car around it? I can't see any way of giving the starter a good dunt in case the brushes are sticking.

I've also read that there is a fuse or relay on the +ve lead where it connects to the battery in the boot? Is it a fuse or a relay? I assume I can safely bypass it by bridging it?

Am I missing anything? Any suggestions?

Am in desperate need for this to be running by tomorrow night. Any help greatly appreciated.



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