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Hello! I'm a relatively new Audi owner, bought this car used last summer, and after getting past the basics and buying the Bentley manual, I love the car. I'd love some tips about regular maintenance (I'm coming up on 110k miles and the 900 mile / 60 day warning just came on the dash).

I bought a PAC steering wheel Control Pro 5 to go with a Pioneer radio, but could never get it to work right (the radio works fine otherwise), I'd love advice if anyone knows how to work one. I tried various approaches; my multimeter showed voltage activity when I pressed steering wheel buttons, so I seem to have the right cable.

My front brake pads and rotors could probably use replacement - are these the right ones? Bosch 53011412 QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Rotor: Automotive

Also, my oil min light came on a bit ago, and I need to do oil anyways (mobil 1 0w40). Is this the right sensor and o-ring?
Oil Level Sensor O-Ring 038103196 - Genuine VW/Audi - Genuine VW/Audi - 038-103-196-M211 | Pelican Parts

I don't plan to do this work myself, by the way (I just do electrical stuff), but I wanted to order parts and get it done at a small local shop.

I presume it needs brake, steering and coolant flushes, cabin and engine filters, oil and oil filter, tire alignment. Any comments on the Mann vs FRAM vs VW/Audi OEM charcoal cabin filters? Mann-Filter CUK 3037 Cabin Filter With Activated Charcoal for select Audi models: Automotive

I also had a cylinder 5 misfire happen just once in the 8 months I've had the car. I also occasionally have to let the engine turn over a few times before successfully starting on rare winter mornings; this problem has mostly gone away since I put in a new bosch platinum AGM battery that provides a lot more CCA's than the car supposedly requires. I have yet to fail to start the engine, but could this be spark plugs? Just thinking about issues that might be worth checking if I'm already getting work done inside the engine front.

I have also heard that cabrios need the popup rollover protection checked every few years - at least on an A5 on the 2016 maintenance schedule. Do I need these checked? If so, how is this done (by a shop)? They seem to use a one-time chemical reaction propellant like airbags.

I have also heard that A4's frequently need a timing belt and water pump at around 110k miles, any advice on this? Various horror story posts detail demolished engines, especially given that mine seems to be an interference-type engine regarding cylinders.

Finally, when I cut the wheel 100% to the left or right the car makes a squealing noise (but it is fine at 98% to the left or right), I was told this might be the power steering belt aging, any advice?

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