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I have a 2009 Audi A4 Quattro 2.0t with 140k miles
I have had the car for a little over a month now.
when I got the car it had multiple CEL codes.
I have fixed all of them except for 2.
which are...
p2279-intake air system leak.
p0299-turbocharger/supercharger underboost.
I cant seem to find any vaccum leaks or any cracked hoses.
im trying to see if there are any common hoses,parts,or sensors that faulty on this car.
or if anyone else has had this problem.
the car kinda has a misfire/stalls to low rpms,
the car does not stall out and die but it does bog down to 600-900rpms
it only does this while im idle,at redlight,or when im sitting still, or ect.
as soon as I get on the gas and start driving it goes away and no longer has this problem.
the rpms also go up if I turn the ac on,so it does not sound quite as bad when I turn the ac on.
please help me if you can.
any help will be greatly appreciated!!
thanks in advance!!

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Check your intake manifold runner flap vacuum at the back of the IM. It's probably popped out and sucking air or stuck open. You've prolly fixed it by now, but just my $.02 worth

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