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I recently (December)did some preventive maintenance to my car. Due to time (2003 A6 Q.) and mileage (70K) I replaced the timing belt, serpentine belt, tensioner, water pump and whatever else little stuff takes for these things. In October I had the regular oil changes and all points checks etc and all was good, but according to maintenance schedule these were needed things to keep my car tip top.
A day after I got my car back it started whining. A couple days later the whining became more noticeable, almost sounded like a kid pretending to make car noises whenever I slowed down and sped up and particularly when I turned the wheel to either side; always after my car warms up a bit.
I went back to the mechanic and they said that there was air in my power steering fluid as observed by a few bubbles in the reservoir. They explained they had to "pinch" the line when taking things apart to replace the belts; that the air would work itself out.
It did not. It got ,louder and then noticeably harder to turn my wheel. By now the reservoir wasn't bubbling it was foaming.
I took it back. They said the fluid was dirty (A week before I had taken it to the Audi dealer for a recall on the fuel coil, got a free points check and all fluids were checked fine) and after a few days they told me that the Power steering pump is going bad.
How possible is it that it is not due to faulty maintenance seeing as to how this coincidentaly happens a day after I get my car back?
I paid $1500 for the belts etc. Now it will be approx $700 for a new pump!!!
I need to know if I am being made a fool of... yes, I am a woman and know little about cars but the more I read on other forums the more I see comments on air in the power steering system and relation to the tensioner.
HELP please! I am not made of money!!!:eek:
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