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I recently got an a6 2.7t tip and I love it. It had 65k on it so I did the timming belt water pump cam seal (had a small leak) plugs and fluids.

I also had the car chipped and what a beast it became. I did the APR 93 Octane pushing the hp to 318 and torque to 382. If anyone had a 2.7t and hasn't dont the chip it is well worth the money for 700 installed you can't go wrong.

I also ordered a down pipe and catback from milltec and a pair of stratmosphere diverter valves. Waiting for the parts to come in I'll post when they are done.

Anyway I've seen some people trying to sell the climate control secrets on e-bay I did some research and found this link climate control display

and last for used audi parts try force5

Also I do my repair work in salem ma the shop rate is only $45/hr most shops around here are $75 and they do mostly vw and audi and they are a great bunch of guys. Anyone interested shoot me an e-mail for their contact info

wheels and tires in the spring


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