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:D :D i m an audi fan,hope t o have some audi fans on the net cause audi 's fans in lebanon are rare.Here few people knows deeply about cars .
I know everything about audi 's history, present , and future I watch all the news about this marvelous manufacturer and all the sport knews related to this company.
One question i m still wondering about.Secret photographers shown F1 chassis ready at Audi AG but VW are still forbidding Audi to participate.Maybe for commercial reasons.
If someone knows anything about this subject or about any futuristic participation for Audi in the F1 Pls mail me.
This year and the past one Audi dominates all the car races in the world except the F1 hope for total dominance soon

Thx its really a great site .
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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