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Hello Peeps

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hi everyone i'm new to the audi world i own an old 92 audi 80 2.0 16v and out of all the cars ive owned new and old ive never had a car as reliable as this one. Ive had golfs, pugs, fiats, and fords before with exception to the golf they were all rubbish built like mechano, and constantly breaking down.
My dad owned this audi before me and clocked 110k, he always serviced it and looked after it. This car rules its smooth and more refined than any new car ive had and its quick too.

Any way just introducing myself i have a few little problems with the car hence joining this forum so hope to get some advice from those more knowledgable about the audi game than me.
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Welcome :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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