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Hello E-one

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Hi everyone, was looking at the site and decided to join. Alot of useful info in here. I pick-up my 05 S4 on wed. The next two days will seem like a month.

Later and happy holidays,
2-man :D
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Originally posted by emig@Dec 20 2004, 02:50 PM
Know the feeling well - try to keep busy and time will fly.

Good luck with your new car.

Hey, yep I got it this past friday. This car is incredible. It drives and handles like a sports car and has all the luxury in the world. My 3 big dogs aren't happy cause I'm getting rid of my expedition. Speaking of ford, my dad bout slit his wrist when I told him I bought an Audi. This is the first car I haven't bought on the Ford plan since my dad retired from ford. I'm surprised he sent me a X-mas card. The only thing I got pissed about was I told the dealership not to drill the holes and put on the front license plate bracket. I hate having a plate in the front cause it takes away the look in certain cars. So, I have to go find someone who carries license plate plugs so I can cover the four holes. Today is the first day back to work since I got my ride. My Captain said he was launching an internal investigation on me cause of my new car. He was joking, but then I started to think...... I don't know too many Police Officers who drive an Audi. Anyway, this car is incredible and in the spring will probably look for a chip. The 15/21 mpg is crap as I'm easily averaging in the mid 20's on the h-way. Damn gas tax!!! :angry:

Later all and Merry X-mas.

I can't believe I have to work on X-mas. :angry:
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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