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hi this is my first post as i am a very new car is a 1995 a6 2.6 avant the problem i have is no warm air coming into the car at all. i have checked all usual things water temp is good matrix is recieving hot water but hot air not entering the car any ideas its now bloody freezing and dangerous at 5.30 every morning
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I have the same problem with my a3... any ideas anyone?
I had same problem with a 3 series bmw. There was hot water in the heater matrix but there was a blockage part way round. One pipe was extremely hot, the other only warm leading to not hot air in vehicle.#
Solution - disconect both pipes leading through bulk head into heater matrix in car. Flush the heater matrix both ways with a hose pipe and while you are on you may as well empty the expansion tank and replace the coolant. This worked a perfectly after bmw stated I needed a new heater matrix.
Also had same problem on mk 2 Golf Gti - fixed this the same way.

Hope this helps cheers Rob
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