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Driving home today I discovered that the heater was boiling hot on the driver side but was ok to the set temperature on the passenger side. No matter what adjustment I made it wouldn’t alter the temperature.
After a bit of googling I decided to take the dash apart to look at the little flap motors to make sure that they are all working. Started with the drivers side and could see only one motor controlling a yellow lever. Adjusted the heater and nothing I could do would make it move. So I decided to look at the passenger side so removed the glove box. On this side there were three motors controlling red and green levers. Adjusting the temp or the vents hi and lo made these move ok.
So figuring it was the yellow lever motor I decided to remove it and wow you have to be a contortionist! I could see there were two little bolts holding it on , they must be about 6mm in size but the clutch pedal is really in the way. I persevered and managed to remove it to discover that it was actually three holding it on! Ooops
With the motor off I took it all apart and cleaned it, put a tiny bit of grease on the worm gear then run 12v through and it worked ok moving the lever.
Then I moved the yellow lever on the heater to make sure the flap wasn’t jammed – that seemed to move ok.
Took ages to get it back together as it was so tight and fiddly – you need kids hands to get in there but pleased to say that it now works – thankfully.
I meant to do a how to guide but got to entangled in the job but can provide advice on it if needed.
Saved a few £ from taking it to the dealer I guess
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