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Have a 1997 A8, halogen headlamps. Turned on my headlights the other day, and the warning lamp comes on telling a bulb is out. Niether headlight will work in low beam, but high beam and fog lights work. All tail lights and break lights work.

Using the free version of VAG-COM, could not find any fault codes.

Anyway, I pulled out one of the low beam headlight bulbs and is was indeed out. A SilverStar too! So, I replaced it with the old spare. turned on the lights, still nothing. check the bulb I had just replaced, it was out too! I then checked the second light, and it was out too. So something is blowing my lights.

This happened completely out of the blue, so it must be something fairly simple.

Obviously some sort of "short". Or perhaps a bad fuse or relay?

I know a little, but not much.

Anyone else come across this (both headlights blowing at the same time)?

Called the dealer already and they want to look around for short...that means lot of diagnostic $$$. I suspect someone here has come across this before.


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From what you describe, it may be possible that the battery charger produces over-voltage. You should measure the voltage on the battery with the engine running, and while revving up. If you get over some 14.5 volts, that's the problem.

You can also try this: turn on the lights when the engine is not running. If they don't go out, this is another sign of the charger producing over-voltage.

Good luck!
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