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How did you discover it was the rear sensor? I suspect there is one on the front too and VCDS or Vag Com should be able to diagnose which one is faulty easily enough. They’re a fairly simple design. Effectively a poteniometer like a volume control. It’s isually that which goes wrong. If the arm had broken, I’d assume it’s taken a big hit and the electronics are probably also knackered. It’s possible to test the output from the level sensor in VCDS by disconnecting the arm from the car and moving it up and down. The reading should vary accordingly.

You could also test the replacement part as there’s no guarantee that is good until you have checked it yourself. I think mine was about £150 New.

I had a similar problem on my D3 A8. They have a sensor at every wheel. Mine was also a pig to get off, I ended up cutting the bolt head off with a dremmel style multi tool, then drill out the remains of the bolt.

I’m fairly sure that with a working new part fitted, the fault warning extinguished without having to clear anything but again, VCDS will do this in no time. You really need access to it or someone local to you with it.

Unfortunately I suspect I’m too far away in Essex, England?

Good luck though. Sounds like you’re at least 50% of the way there.
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