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Hi folks,

This is my first post to the forum. I am looking forward to the feedback on this issue!!!

My (1997 A3, 1.8) car overheated last week which I noticed by the flashing red light on the dash board.

After leaving it into the garage, it appears the cooling hose was rubbing against the
radiator fan which eventually pierced, thus releasing all the coolant.

I was amazed at the fact that the host was left loose, so close to the fan - this could not be a design flaw!!!

Having examined the new hose fitted, it appears to be behind another pipe (this other pipe is thinner and connects to a metal pipe). This setup keeps the replacement pipe well away from the radiator fan. Surely it should have been this way from the start.

The reason I have my suspicions is because I got my starter motor replaced 2 months ago. I suspect that the mechanic, in order to get the coolant hose away from the starter motor, deliberately moved the pipe in front of the thinner pipe (i.e close to the radiator), but did not move it back on completion.

I also conclude that if this was to happen, it would have occurred years ago (I have had the car 5 years!!!)

I have attached a picture of the pipe after the fitting. My finger points to the new pipe added. You will see that it is behind the smaller pipe. When the burst occurred, it was in front of the smaller pipe, thus exposed to the radiator fan.

I need to get my facts together before I confront the mechanic with my claim!

Any advice or comments would be most appreciated



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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