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If you’re in the market for replacement wheels for your Audi Q5, you might have heard terms like original equipment wheels, aftermarket wheels, genuine OEM, remanufactured, or OE replica wheels. At first glance, they seem to be the same wheels, but they are actually not. Continue reading to find out more about Audi Q5 OEM wheels and their aftermarket replacements.

OEM wheels
Original, factory OEM or genuine OEM wheels are all wheels designed and fabricated by the original equipment manufacturer. In short, they are the same wheels that your vehicle came with from the manufacturer. Such wheels feature a manufacturer part number on the inner side of the rim. Unlike most aftermarket replicas that utilize gravity casting in production, OEM wheels are made utilizing either low-pressure casting or a more advanced process to ensure higher density and lower weight.
OE replica wheels or aftermarket wheels are all other factory-looking wheels fabricated by another manufacturer. While such replacement wheels are manufactured to OE specifications, they are often of lower quality and heavier than the same size and design genuine OEM wheels. However, you have a high chance to find some high-quality replicas that will serve you for years to come.
Genuine OEM vs aftermarket wheels
Unless you’re on a budget, our general recommendation is to stick to OEM wheels. By installing original equipment wheels, you can rest assured they will not get bent or broken unexpectedly. In case aftermarket wheels are the only option, make sure they meet the OEM manufacturer’s standards.
Steel vs alloy wheels
If you manage to find any steel wheels for your Audi Q5, they will cover most of your basic needs. Typically available in black or silver finish, they are easy to update with lightweight plastic wheel covers. As for alloy wheels, they are simply better in every way. They are lighter, more durable, and stylish and allow for better brake clearance, which makes it possible to install larger brakes with more stopping power.

Whether you’re looking for a replica or genuine OEM wheel, you’ll find the desired one on Truck&Gear. On our digital shelves, we stock dozens of high-quality replacement wheels to suit any taste and budget.
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