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2002 A4 Avant TDI

I've had it for 8 months now. I drive it for 2-4 hours every day, and I'm a little more satiesfied with it for every month I'm driving it.

Things to do:

- B7 window wipers (on order)
- CD player, OEM changer or maybe MP3 player. I'll probably go for a big iPod with IceLink.
- Chip it? Not sure.
- Change windscreen, it's chipped and so worn i can't see when the sun is low.
- Some sort of easily detachable ski rack. I'll probably get a magnetic one.
- Rubber floor mats. The ones I have are 'universal' wich probably means they don't fit ANY car.

- Quiet comfortable cruising
- Big Torque
- Fuel economy
- Seats. I can drive for 8 hrs and arrive as relaxed as when I started. And the heaters are great in winter.
- Traction control. It really helps keeping all that torque in line in slippery conditions. 2WD and I've only been stuck once, and that was because the car is low and the snow was deep.
- Long-life service system. For my driving, this is a big saver. Computer says it's 300 days till next service, and i drive 50000 km a year.

- Who puts a Casette player in a car in 2002? I can't remember last time i saw casettes for sale. Apart from that, the speakers are great.
- Cupholder. What genius decided to put it where any spills are certain to make the most damage (ALL the buttons in the center console)?
- Small luggage space for an estate. Not really a dislike, it just surprised me first time i packed the car for a trip.
- Incredibly expensive parts (for example towball).

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cup holders thats tjhe worse thing about our cars
i use my cassette player, thats how i hook up my IPOD
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