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Hi Audi guys

I've posted a similar message in the New Member section, so forgive me for posting it again here. I'm just scared it might get overlooked there and I'm really quite at my wit's end with this problem:

Thanks for this brilliant site. I hope to browse through every nook and cranny of it soon, but right now I have an urgent problem with my newly acquired old Audi which I hope you can help me with!

I've just bought a 1996 Audi 2.6E cabriolet, brilliantly taken care of. A problem though:

Murphy's law, on the day I picked it up, I suddenly found that the driver door won't open when pulling the inside handle. I had to put my hand out the window and open from the outside. Now is doesn't want to open at all! Not from in or outside! Its basically stuck in the closed position and my feeling is that some mechanical linkage has been severed. The pneumatic lock part still works fine, bobbing up and down. It looks well nigh impossible to take off the whole door panel with the door closed. Is it possible to somehow open it enough to get access? Is it possible to take of the smaller panels inside the big door panel to get inside and yank something?

I've tried taking off the passenger side panel to understand what I'm dealing with, but am struggling. I've taken off 3 screws from the edge of the door (in other words the part that is hidden when the door is closed) and another from behind the inside door lever (sneaky one that!). The panel still doesn't feel loose at all. There are 3 holes I can see in the padded inside door handle/grip and I saw and removed a screw from the rearmost one. Are there screws in the 2 front ones as well?

Thats it for now thanks! Problem with the roof as well, but am happy to do it manually for now! The door is pretty urgent though! ANY advice will be super appreciated!

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