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Hey guys, I am new here, only owned my 06 A4 for about five weeks, but that doesn't keep me from messing with it:) The car is a Quattro 6sp, and feels pretty peppy, nothing compared to either of my fast street cars(93 Probe GT and 03 Evo, 11 second and 12 second cars, respectively), but still pretty nice.

Well I got to looking at simple mods, so I added a K and N filter, and a test pipe.

On Friday, I started to rip things out of the car, knowing that the car was a porker, and found out I could take out 215lbs very easily..... so I did :)

Audi Owners Manual- 2lbs
Catalytic converter-8.5lbs, Test Pipe-3lbs: Difference 5.5lbs
Floor Mats-4.5lbs
Spare Tire Access Panel-6.5lbs
Full Size Spare-48.5lbs
Jack and Tools-5lbs
Baby Car Seat Brackets-3.5lbs
Rear Seat Backing-59.5lbs
Rear Seat Bottom-13lbs
Passenger Seat-67.5lbs

So after unloading that weight, I went on my way and ran the car at the drag strip. Now I know it's nothing to really brag about, but I was rather impressed that I could manage a [email protected], with a dispicable 2.193 60'

So next will be a tune from one of the well knowns: APR, REVO, GIAC, not really sure who yet, but in due time it's bound to happen!

Anyway, here are the slips and a really crappy video, that really only allows you to hear the stock exhaust/test pipe combo....


Audi A4 run - Car Videos on StreetFire

Well thanks for looking, and I am glad to be here and hope I can learn a thing or two while I am here, I will also be posting another thread to help with what I believe to be ECU controlled boost settings....

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