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I am a new Audi owner, having just purchased a 2001 A6 from a very good friend of mine. The car has always been in Cincinnati, which is where I live, and has been serviced by a reputable local shop.

The issue is I am being transferred to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, and it looks as if we will be moving to an to a town called Grapevine. Do any of you know of a good, reliable shop in the area? We have been using the same guys for about 15 years now, and they treat us very well. I am looking for a similar experience. Someone who knows what they are doing, and are wanting to build a long term relationship, rather than a one time sale.

The car is not completely stock, as it has some APR bits installed.

I know I am a newbie to the sight, but I am hoping someone will have a shop they can recommend.

Thanks for your help.

Joe G.
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