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Going Cheap Now..

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Going cheap now... £50k car... ish.... going for £19k

droping money each day...

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Still rather have an A8. Cars aren't worth buying new these days. I picked up my car second hand 7 years old for 10% of the original price.
seems ridiculous doesnt it? these are very good cars, not as good as an A8 but even so a lot of car for ya dosh!!!!massive savings, a dealer by me has 06 plate fully speced up cars for under 30k MAD!!!!
i know... theres a lot of car for the money..... and as they have not sold as good as VW hoped for they will be rare....... however expect to loss cash on it day by day...

I think it looks like a upmarket Passat and just doesnt warrant the cost when new.
I agree, they do look like a big passat and i know guys in my line of work who won't drive them cos of that reason...shame really cos there is nothing wrong with the passat!!!
they are nice cars.... if you was going out with a set budget and wanted to get the best for your money with next to new that would be a good option...

if its a company car.... then you would go for something else..

I would personally spend the money on a A8 as chauffeurob says is not going to depreciate as much as the phaeton and its got a better status symbol + its all alluminium bilt.
i guess so,, i saw a 3.2 at VW the other day for 20K on a 05 plate... dunno on millage but it seemed cheap!!!
These are getting checper day by day.... you can pick the 3.2 V6 up for £17,495..

Wow, very cheap. Friends of mine who visit Germany a lot say that most of these cars are used as Taxis. The way the prices are falling in England we might just see one picking us up one Saturday night :)
In the US the Phaeton is usually eqipped with the 4.2L V8 or a 6.0L W12. Not the sportiest looking things, but they pack a lot of power.
I would love to pick one up, but the potential cost of repairs is enough to frighten me off.
My friend that is currently a mechanic at a VW dealer (who previously worked at an Audi dealer) says you can expect a $1,000 repair bill just about every time you need to bring it in.
Now if the transmission fails on you (which has been known to happen in the '04 models), expect anywhere from a $4,000 to $9,000 repair bill.

Undoubetly, when the price drops low enough, I will pick one up and hope for the best - it's just too much car to pass up.
If I get it cheap enough, and get enough use out of it before anything big fails, I'll just scrap it if the repair is too costly.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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