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Get Quick and Effortless EV Charging with Lectron + Video

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Electric vehicles are no longer the future, they are the reality. If you've positioned yourself ahead of the pack by making a wise investment into an EV, you also need effective solutions to charge your electric vehicle. This is what Lectron offers. This brand is the leading provider of accessories for EV and PHEV vehicles.

Its mission is to make it easy for EV drivers to recharge their cars quickly at home or on the road. From EV adapters to charging stations, mounts, Tesla accessories, and much more, Lectron EV has you covered. Compact, durable and portable, its products can fit most driveways and garages.

In our new video review, Greg is giving you a closer look at the Lectron's line of EV chargers and accessories. Don't forget to subscribe for more video reviews from CARiD if you haven't done it yet!

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